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De itt van Dr. Jordan nekem küldött levele is aminek publikussá tételéhez engedélyt kértem tőle hogy minél több állatot menthessek meg ha tudok. The dogs definitely this from auto antibodies against cardiolipin. Our soldiers are getting heart disease from the small pox vaccines.

This is also the reason for heart disease in India in humans as they use small pox vaccine. I have seen reports of cytotoxic T cells from the vaccines and these directed toward damaging the heart. The unsettling thing is that each year the damage to the heart that is located in these small pox vaccinated victims grows by leaps and bounds.

In other words more and more damage to the heart at all different levels are occurring and the US GOV has to keep increasing the list of adverse giardien bei katzen was tun to the cardiovascular system from vaccines.

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I have no doubt the same is happening giardien bei katzen was tun our animals. I am sure the Doberman' Cardiomyelopathy is due to the vaccines as are the damage to the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

I wouldn't waste time trying to decipher the autoimmune diseases, the vaccines are not necessary in the first place! Schultz says only the Feline distemper vaccine is advised. Only by injection if you have large colony and probable cause.

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The Feline leukemia vaccines are not even advised anymore Also, only in that condition would he advise the vaccines and only then those 2 at 9 and 12 weeks.

Never to be repeated.

Schultz has pet peeve about how the Herpes and Calicivirus should not even be given, and it you are going to then they should go onto the mucosal surface with the Heska vaccine. If you look on the Heska website they talk about the facts that the cats getting the jab versions have been found to develop auto antibodies against their kidneys! This does not happen helminth tojások kezelése the eye or nose drop version.

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I switched out to only using the Heska IOIN and in ultra dosing 3 years before the company even figured that out and one vaccine is enough. I had stopped vaccinating the cats in !!!!!

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The other thing is that the cats need to be fed raw whole foods as they are obligate carnivores and never be fed CEREAL! There is not one required carb of cats, dogs or humans! A new study just came out that showed what I have always believed, cats can not even drink enough water if fed a dry diet!

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They need to be fed like the obligate carnivore they are whole raw foods. See Linda Zurich's information at rawfedcats.

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Proper B vitamins, taurine B 1 etc all have everything to do with the heart in carnivores. They can not get this from plant food. The heart is very susceptible to becoming diseased in the cat if they are not fed properly.

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So, are they being fed SARF? If you can't wait that long, change diet to SARF giardien bei katzen was tun find a well qualified veterinary homeopath to try to cure the vaccinosis.